I am a fully qualified, full-time, senior hypnotherapist. I have been practising for around 10 years and have a private treatment room just off the A303 in South Somerset (UK). 

My name is Julie Sharp and I provide face-to-face hypnotherapy for people suffering with anxiety, depression, trauma and addiction. 

I believe we should seek to help enrich the lives of others, not leave them impoverished. I became a hypnotherapist to help others live more fulfilling lives, free from self-limiting beliefs about what they can or can’t do or achieve, who they are or who they aren’t and the negative behaviours that trap the person into feeling other than how they truly wish to feel.

I am non-judgemental in life generally, but particularly so in hypnotherapy. In a sense (and with no disrespect), I don’t care what has caused an issue in my clients’ lives, or what has happened to them in the past. Whatever it was, it didn’t kill them! 

I have no interest in drawing a particular conclusion about their predicament; my interest lies in their future, in helping them cut the ties that bind them (consciously or subconsciously) to past events. I am here to affirm life not criticize it; helping my clients achieve freedom from the thoughts and behaviours they feel have been holding them back. We all deserve to live the best lives we possibly can and my happiness comes from their success.

Am I the right therapist for you?

First up, I don’t work with just anyone! I work with people who are desperate to change but who just don’t know how (yet!). Not 'it-would-be-nice-if...' people, but the 'I-just-can't-live-like-this-anymore' people. 

Are you desperate to change how you feel?

You should know I never set out to be a hypnotherapist. Call it intuition, divine intervention, the Universe directing my path or something altogether less magical, but the job found me! And it has revolutionised my approach to life. 

Do you want to revolutionise your approach to life, too?

If you want to know more about me click here. If you want to know more about hypnosis and NLP, click here. If you’re just interested in how hypnotherapy has changed the lives of some of my clients, click here.

Want to discover if I'm the right therapist for you?

I offer a 1 hour, free, no-obligation pre-consultation to help you find out. This allows me to really get to understand your problem, understand you, and get a feel for how you will respond to hypnosis. 

If anything tells me hypnosis is not for you, I will always say. Always. The majority of my business comes from referrals so I have a vested interest in only seeing clients whom I believe I can help. So, you have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain. To book a free, no-obligation pre-consultation, please call me or click here.

So what is Hypnosis? Click on the video to learn more...